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Happy 3rd Birthday Little Dude!

Hi sweet boy, Today you are three. Yesterday you were saying “I two a half” and just like that you are three. I can’t believe you are another year older. I know this is cliche, but time does fly, way … Continue reading

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Payton’s Field Trip, Payton’s Turn!

Got to spend a day with Payton on her school field trip.  Oxbow Farm!  Was a ton of fun to see her interact with her classmates, plus I always love spending some alone time with my cutie.  They learned a … Continue reading

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Another October, Another Salmon Days

We love the Salmon Days festival…the kids love the parade and we love the music, booths and food.  It’s always gorgeous weather and such a fun weekend with the family!  Plus we ran into some awesome friends! The count down begins…already … Continue reading

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…this little deer…

Oh how I love her so.  She turns 4 next month…just a bit in shock over here.  Oh and I didn’t realize until I was just about to publish this…but this is my 200th post!  Crazy!

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First Day of Preschool 2015

And off they go!  Both kiddos to preschool!  Miles first year, he is a Bunny and goes twice a week.  This is Payton’s third year, she is SO excited to be going back, she is a Tiger!  Can’t believe next … Continue reading

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Sunny Summer Visit to Remlinger Farms

Last week, when it was warm and sunny (as opposed to this week, windy, rainy, and looking like fall…YUCK!)…we had a family trip to Remlinger Farms.  So much fun watching the two littles run around and explore.  Pony rides, dirt … Continue reading

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Disciplined by a 3 year old

Lately Payton has been going through a phase where her feelings are easily hurt.  Basically if you say “no” or tell her to stop doing something she runs off to a corner by herself and pouts.  Or else she just … Continue reading

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Snippits of our Awesome Week

Phone in hand, these are some of the pics of the fun we had this past week.  I didn’t have to work very much + Payton didn’t have summer camp = nearly a full week of awesome fun with my … Continue reading

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Texas or bust…

Spent a couple weeks in Texas to visit family…both sets of grandparents and lots of Aunts and Uncles.  An adventure it was.  I travelled with both kids solo since Byron was pretty sick, and he joined us a few days later.  … Continue reading

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Schooooools out for summer!

School is out and summer has begun…just some fun with my little cuties:

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