Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day to  some of the most amazing men I know!

Happy Fathers Day my love! We are so lucky to have you…
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And of course Happy Fathers Day to my amazing Dad…I love you tons:

And I can’t forget my amazing Father in Law, Happy Fathers Day!

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Payton Pie is a PreK graduate! And last day of Preschool for little Dude!

I am pretty sure I say this every year, but I can’t believe another year is in the books. I don’t think it has quite hit me yet that Payton moves on to Kindergarten next year! We have the summer to enjoy…but then I think it will hit me like a brick wall…I won’t get to see her as much…pretty bittersweet. I wonder if she is going to miss me as much as I miss her next year. Another chapter is opening. I am so unbelievably proud of her and so so so happy for her, but Mama’s heart is a little bruised…my sweet girl is off to big kid school soon. I miss my munchkin, but am in awe of my sweet little lady.

Then there is little dude. 2 years of preschool down, 2 to go! My little dude is now a big dude. Though he still swears that “I just want to stay wittle forever!”. I do too dude, I want you to stay little too. Right now I am hanging on to these words that you say to me every single day “Mommy, you are my favowite Mommy in the world.” You are the sweetest little cuddle bug. Can’t believe another year has passed.

Last day of school pics and graduation fun:


Payton first day of Preschool, 22 months old, Sept 2013


Last day of Preschool (PreK), 5 and a half years old, June 2017


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Our tiny little Hip Hop Dancer

Payton did her very first dance class this year, she chose Hip Hop. She has practiced and worked so hard…and you can tell, she did amazing in her recital! Her best friend, Nana, Papa, of course me, Daddy, and little brother were all cheering her on! So so proud of you big girl! You crushed it!

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May Photo Catch Up

It was cold, then hot, then cool, then rainy…it’s been all over the place. But still a great month with these little stinkers! Too much fun was had for sure!


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As most everyone knows, it has been a long long long Fall/Winter/cold and rainy season. Far too long. The last couple weeks we have had a day here or there of warm sun (and by warm I mean 70’s!)…such a tease! We have enjoyed every minute of it…quick trips to the lake, beach dinners in the sun on a blanket, and giggles with backyard water fun…this is what he have been craving. It feels so great to get the kids back outside, bye bye rain! Welcome back PNW sun, please stick around this time!

…wrote this last night…and of course it’s cold today! Awe man!

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Our little Gymnast

This fun energetic 5 year old has been working so so hard this year at the gym. She is so incredibly brave, strong, and determined. The Firefly team had their end of the year showcase last week…it was pretty adorable. Payton was extremely nervous but she still went out, shook off the nerves, and tried her best. We are so crazy proud of her. She is my inspiration, I want to be her when I grow up!



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April Catch Up

Time to catch up on pics from April…love these 2 kiddos:

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