A little bit of everything…

Picture post of so much fun. Beach, popsicles galore, nature hikes, blackberry picking, Farmers Market…August so far is pretty freaking amazing!


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…the rest of July


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This Sweet Girl

It is a rare occasion that Payton-pie and I get a little bit of time to ourselves without the little dude around. We had a couple hours the other day while Miles was in camp, so we had lunch, walked around our favorite flower filled field, and strolled in and out of the stores in downtown Snoqualmie. We both enjoyed ourselves and she is counting down the days until we get to do it again next week…she has already planned that we are going to get our nails painted and go get ice cream! Can’t wait!

*She also gets to be a Brand Rep for a super cute Etsy store called: MavisAndOlive. That is where this super adorable yellow summery dress came from! Please go check them out!


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July trip to Texas…yep it was hot!

Our trip to Texas this year happened to by in July.  I have no idea why we did that to ourselves…it is like we traveled all the way to the sun, so so dang hot! But we still managed to have an amazing time! BBQs, Schlitterbahn water park in Galveston, a night away without kids, kid sized fireworks, the Houston Aquarium, tons of swimming (Payton was in heaven!)…so much fun stuff squeezed into one quick trip. Lots of memories were made! There are way way too many pictures…so here are some of my favorite…
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And a few selfies…

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Happy 4th!!


We are feeling especially grateful this year, as we are getting to celebrate with family and dear friends. Hoping everyone had a safe and amazing 4th! ❤💙🇺🇸


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June Round Up



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A Sidewalk Summer

You can’t beat sidewalk chalk and garden hose fun. Mama was busy in the yard, but my favorite part was seeing what fun ideas the kids came up with. Who knew watering the kids would sprout such big smiles!


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