Happy Thanksgiving from 2 Little Turkeys!!

Happy Thanksgiving to family and friends near and far!

Last night I tucked Miles into bed. Gave him a big hug and told him how much I was going to miss him on Thanksgiving, that Mommy will be at work helping people who don’t get to be home with their families on Thanksgiving, and how Thankful I am to have him. He paused for a second, almost started crying and said “but Mama, you won’t be with us at Gamma Pam’s tomorrow? but I miss you so much. I thankful for you too. And Payton, and Daddy……and Gacie Macie. And Georgie, and Uncle John, and Aunt Bandy, and Nana and Papa, and Gaga and Gandpa.” It’s those sweet words that makes me so very proud to have this sweet boy.
Then I gave Payton one more good night kiss and told her the same thing. She hugged me back and said “I am thankful for you too and everything you do. And everyone, all of our family, and all of our friends. I will miss you Mama.” Love this sweet girl.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Backyard Snow Fun!

So weird that we had that one weekend of snow after Halloween, and nothing since! I’ll take it! There was the 60mph wind storm though, I now think my preference has become snow over wind. Maybe even snow over rain too. I’m thinking my order of “I’d rather have” has evolved too: snow, then rain, and never wind. Never thought I would place snow at the top of my list! Wow has a lot of things changed! The kids sure do love the snow…

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This little snow angel…

Fall pictures one week…followed by snow the next week! Not cool. Fall is gorgeous here, but it is way too short. Annnnnnd…I hate snow. Hate is so much. Payton loves it dearly and Miles hasn’t quite decided. But I took the opportunity for a quick snow shoot with this sweet girl. We did it last year too, and they are some of my favorite pics of her, so had to do it again. …and of course playing in the snow pics will be posted next week!

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Fall in the PNW

Took these cuties out for their annual Fall pictures…and of course it rained. But they were troopers, especially when bribed with a picnic pizza dinner in front of a movie!

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See ya October…it was fun!

I feel like October is always the busiest month of the year for us. So much going on, so much to keep track of. October picture catch up! Halloween, Payton turned 6!, Pumpkin Patches, pumpkin painting, decorating…HUGE picture catch up!

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We Call this Home!

A quick stop to take a look at the herd of local Elk. The first time we have ever gotten out to look. Lasted a good 2 minutes…then a huge moving truck decided to park along the narrow road which blocked half a lane. So the next care honked and honked and honked since it couldn’t get through. As soon as he honked, all, and I mean ALL, the elk raided their heads and looked up and over in that direction…which was pretty close to us. So Miles FREAKED out when he thought all the Elk were ALL suddenly looking at him. It was a pretty 2 minutes though!

Oh, and have to brag, this is 5 minutes down the road from us! We sure do live in a gorgeous city!



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Happy 6th Birthday sweet Payton-Pie

And just like that, another year has come and gone. This year more than any of the others has been rough on my Mama heart. You have grown. And I don’t mean it like I meant it in past years. You have truly grown. You are a sweet little lady, so sweet to others, caring, kind, always wanting to help, always wanting to make a new friends while always keeping your best friend: Georgia-Bugs close. At home, I won’t lie, you are sassy, challenging, stubborn, hate sleeping, and always pestering your little brother. I want to say that maybe, just maybe, you take after your Daddy?! You have a lot to say these days, soooo many questions. Lots of tough questions, questions that let us know your little brain is on over-drive, questions that we didn’t know 5 years olds knew how to ask. A lot has changed in your world this year. You started Kindergarten! And you love it! You made Junior Team gymnastics…so you are gone 6 hours a week…Mama has been missing you tons. You have lost 4 teeth. You are the most amazing little eater! You will pretty much taste anything put in front of you…and in the end you like almost everything that you try! I can’t find a vegetable that you don’t like! Your Subway sandwich is stuffed bigger than mine!
Sweet girl, you are one amazing kiddo and I hope that you never change. Happiest of Birthdays, I can’t wait to see what this year brings, I love you more than you will ever know…times infinity…to the moon and back.

Your video…one second a day (or close to it) from 5 to 6.


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