Disciplined by a 3 year old

Lately Payton has been going through a phase where her feelings are easily hurt.  Basically if you say “no” or tell her to stop doing something she runs off to a corner by herself and pouts.  Or else she just puts her head down right where she is at and says “Mama, I am so sad, you really hurt my feelings.  You shouldn’t be mean like that.”

But lately, with Byron, she is less pouty and instead disciplines him for “being mean to me”.  Lately it has looked a lot like this:

Payton standing up on the couch.
Byron: Payton you need to sit on your bottom.
Payton now flopping all over the couch and almost falls off.
Byron: I’m not going to tell you again to sit on your bottom, next time you are going to your room.
Payton: Dad, you don’t talk to me like that!  You need to be nice!  Now you can’t go to work!  No more WORK for you!
Byron: Oh no, no more work for me?
Payton: NO!  You aren’t allowed to go to work any MORE!  Mama can go to work.
Me: Oh, yay for me.

And this goes on just about everyday.  Byron’s not allowed to go to work, but I am.  So driving Payton to camp the other morning:

Payton: Where is Daddy at this morning?
Me: Daddy is at work silly goose.
Payton: OH NO!  I have told him a hundred times, he is NOT allowed to go to WORK!!  He doesn’t listen at all!

So that day Byron came home from work early while Payton was still at camp to meet some guys for house repairs.  On my way home from picking her up:
Me: Hey Pay Pay, Daddy is home now.
Payton: Why?
Me: Well, I called him at work and told him that you said he wasn’t allowed to go to work.  So he came home.
Payton: ……
I look back at her in my rearview mirror and she is just smiling ear to ear, biggest smile all day.
Payton whispers: Oh daddy, he did listen.
Payton louder: Ok Mama, now you can go to work.
Me: …sigh…


About JulesJ

We have grown from a family of three to four! I am a full time wife and Mommy, and a part time Registered Nurse in a busy Medical Cardiac ICU. My hubby works at Microsoft...that is what brought us to Seattle. We have the most adorable little girl...born October of 2011. Plus we have a new little bundle of joy in our life, our little prince was born February of 2014. We live in Issaquah, WA, about 20 minutes east of Seattle...though we are true Texans at heart. I am just trying to capture those every day moments so we will have memories to last a lifetime.
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