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Happy 1 and a half years little dude!

Can’t believe Miles is halfway to 2.  18 months old.  1 and a half years.  Crazy how fast time is flying and how big he is.  Every month his personality grows by leaps and bounds.  His little personality is budding, … Continue reading

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Little dudes first haircut!

As Miles hair got longer, started covering his ear, and super frizzy…I finally had to bite the bullet and schedule him a haircut.  I waited and waited because I assumed he would freak out.  And…he did.  But only for the … Continue reading

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Disciplined by a 3 year old

Lately Payton has been going through a phase where her feelings are easily hurt.  Basically if you say “no” or tell her to stop doing something she runs off to a corner by herself and pouts.  Or else she just … Continue reading

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Snippits of our Awesome Week

Phone in hand, these are some of the pics of the fun we had this past week.  I didn’t have to work very much + Payton didn’t have summer camp = nearly a full week of awesome fun with my … Continue reading

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