One a Day.

Back in January of 2011 I bought myself a 5 year “one line a day” journal and had no idea all of the memories I would capture with it.  I caught a couple of months of life before pregnancy, my entire pregnancy (bed rest included…bleh) and of course all the days since October 18, 2011…the day Payton entered our lives.  As I fill in each days entry I get to read what I wrote on this day last year and am so glad I managed to capture so many different moments that I otherwise would have forgotten.  I caught the excitement of finding out we were pregnant, even though they weren’t pleasent…each new side effect of pregnancy, the craziness going through my head on bed rest, the first time Byron felt Payton kicking, the excitement of finding out our little Olive was in fact a girl, the stress of bringing home a newborn, her first smile, peeing on Daddy 4 times in one diaper change, her first plane ride, first time to say Dada…I have managed to capture all the memories that matter so much.  And I get to read about them on that day the next year…it is so amazing to see how things have changed.  Each night when I write in my book I get a huge smile on my face as I read what I wrote on that day last year.  I am horrible at journaling…but I can manage a few sentences a day…I highly recommend!  You can get it cheap on Amazon.
That led us to finding a similar album that captures a picture a day.  Tons of people are doing the “365 project” but we finally found a place to actually put all of those pictures and write a little caption if we want.  So yes, this is why I have a bajillion pictures of Payton…because our 365 project is a picture a day of her.  It is incredible to flip through the album and see just how much and how quickly she has grown and changed!

And of course, a few pics from today:

Payton and Aunt Hal




About JulesJ

We have grown from a family of three to four! I am a full time wife and Mommy, and a part time Registered Nurse in a busy Medical Cardiac ICU. My hubby works at Microsoft...that is what brought us to Seattle. We have the most adorable little girl...born October of 2011. Plus we have a new little bundle of joy in our life, our little prince was born February of 2014. We live in Issaquah, WA, about 20 minutes east of Seattle...though we are true Texans at heart. I am just trying to capture those every day moments so we will have memories to last a lifetime.
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4 Responses to One a Day.

  1. Leslie Sharp says:

    I love this Jules! And I might have to do it. For a long time through junior high, high school and most of college, I kept a pretty good journal. With long, sometimes pretty pretentious entries. Since college I’ve had a hard time keeping up with it. I may have to give this a try! Even without a baby!

    • JulesJ says:

      You should!! I didn’t start it because I knew we would be having a baby soon…I started just because I wanted a place to jot down a thought or two about my day. You should give it a try!

  2. Ninali says:

    Pretty cool! I will have to find those on Amazon for my 365 from last year 🙂 I love the idea of just a line a day…so much less pressure 🙂 Great photos!

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