daddy kisses are the best!

 …This is what Byron gets to come home to every evening after work!  He is one lucky Dad!

On another note…I’m slowly trying to learn about photography.  I just want to get good enough to have decent pics of Payton as she grows up.  I took a basics photography class last week and am taking a more advanced class this upcoming weekend.  I’m still trying to get comfortable not shooting in Auto Mode…but I think I’m slowly getting there.  I got a new lens today, haven’t had time to play around with it much but I did take a few shots and am already loving it!!  Please meet “Wilbur,” Payton’s pet giraffe…

About JulesJ

We have grown from a family of three to four! I am a full time wife and Mommy, and a part time Registered Nurse in a busy Medical Cardiac ICU. My hubby works at Microsoft...that is what brought us to Seattle. We have the most adorable little girl...born October of 2011. Plus we have a new little bundle of joy in our life, our little prince was born February of 2014. We live in Issaquah, WA, about 20 minutes east of Seattle...though we are true Texans at heart. I am just trying to capture those every day moments so we will have memories to last a lifetime.
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6 Responses to daddy kisses are the best!

  1. Your little girl is the sweetest. I love the photos, I’m also slowly learning how to use our camera, it’s so nice to capture those special moments! Looking forward to seeing me 🙂

  2. Ninali says:

    Ooooh new toys! 😉 What lens did you get?

    • JulesJ says:

      Well…I don’t have a big ole fancy camera. I’ve been using a Sony NEX-C3…I wanted something a bit smaller that I can throw in the diaper bag and go. I just got the 50mm f/1.8 mid-range lens. =) Photography is very much a work in progress for me…I love looking at your photos, amazing!! I’m always open to any tips or advice!

      • Ninali says:

        Well that is a great lens…probably next on my list. Truth is, the camera doesn’t make the photo the person behind it does. You have a great eye for composition and story telling with your photos. You don’t need fancy, unless you want to go pro…I only have a nikon D60 it is likely a mid range camera with some major limitations. Nikon’s cameras that are out now and replaced mine do WAY more now than mine does. But for me it’s all about learning and then maybe one day…one day 😉 you should visit the momtographers website that I have on my blogroll. Free, great site that helps photogs at any level. I love putting their tips and lessons into actions and I am solely taught through them and reading a book on classes yet 😉

      • JulesJ says:

        Thanks for the website…that looks like a great one to learn from! I tried to read a couple books but had a hard time understanding…so glad I took just a couple hour class, finally it hit me and now I am understanding a bit better what I am reading…still a bit intimidated though! =) That is amazing that you taught yourself…gives me hope! =)

  3. Halle J. says:

    the wilbur picture is great julie!! 😀 i love it so much! 😀

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