“My Mommy Rocks”

Payton sported her “My Mommy Rocks” onesie today in support of me running my first half marathon.  13.1 miles!  I ran the Seattle Rock ‘N’ Roll half marathon.  I wasn’t nearly as prepared for it as I wanted to be since Payton HATES the jogging stroller…but I still did a whole lot better than I thought I would!  I set a goal of 2 hours for myself and beat it…1 hour 50 minutes.  It was perfect running weather, 50’s and overcast.  I must say, I am actually very proud of myself!  =)

My shoes are ready to go!

Post race pic…Payton is sick so they couldn’t come out to cheer me on…so they cheered for me when I got home! =)

Payton eating my medal…nom nom nom.

Love her to death! ❤

Running her own little marathon!

About JulesJ

We have grown from a family of three to four! I am a full time wife and Mommy, and a part time Registered Nurse in a busy Medical Cardiac ICU. My hubby works at Microsoft...that is what brought us to Seattle. We have the most adorable little girl...born October of 2011. Plus we have a new little bundle of joy in our life, our little prince was born February of 2014. We live in Issaquah, WA, about 20 minutes east of Seattle...though we are true Texans at heart. I am just trying to capture those every day moments so we will have memories to last a lifetime.
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11 Responses to “My Mommy Rocks”

  1. gmafitness says:

    Outstanding accomplishment!

  2. Rhonda Geiger says:

    A couple of winners for sure!

  3. Halle j says:

    You did an amazing job Julie im so proud and impressed

  4. Leslie says:

    You know that phenomenon “they” talk about? Where Facebook and social networking is making people depressed because everyone else seems so awesome? You are too awesome for the internet…you make the rest of us feel bad!

    I’m just kidding! SO proud of you! That is amazing! 🙂

  5. Barbara says:

    Congratulation on a job well done

  6. Lee says:

    Very very cool! you are setting a great example for her!

  7. Cara Olsen says:

    Congratulations, Julie! This year my husband ran in the OC half-marathon. (If you’d like to read about it, the post is titled My Marathon Man.) The whole experience was such a neat one . . . we (the whole family) woke up very early, dropping my husband and his sister off, then we (the mother-in-law and I) went off in search of caffeine, and then in a swoop of feet and panting it all began!

    I really enjoyed this post; it reminded me all over again how proud I am of my husband. Your husband, too, must be so proud.
    And my, may I just say that you have very lovely legs. 😉 It’s almost enough motivation to convince me to start running — almost.

    Happy Monday to you!
    ~ Cara

    • JulesJ says:

      That sounds like such an amazing experience! I bet your husband love all the support! I so wish my family could have been there but the little one was definitely too sick to leave the house. That just means I’ll have to run another one! =) I love running…it is guaranteed alone time! =)

  8. Tahnee says:

    You’re amazing Julie! So proud of you.

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