February Round Up

Now that it’s almost mid March, I guess it is time to get February’s happenings together!

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Weekend Family Getaway…Lopez Island

We took a last minute family weekend getaway and we had a blast! Yes exhausting and yes the kids didn’t sleep, but it was SO worth it! The kids went on their very first ferry ride, we explored, took nature hikes, drank hot cocoa, lounged on the couch, and walked the shores looking for seashells and barnacle rocks. We got very lucky to have a couple days of sun before we surprisingly came back home on Miles 3rd Birthday to a ground full of snow. One island down…many more to go!

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Miles one second a day video: Age 2-3

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Happy 3rd Birthday Little Dude!

Hi sweet boy,

Today you are three. Yesterday you were saying “I two a half” and just like that you are three. I can’t believe you are another year older. I know this is cliche, but time does fly, way too fast. My sweet little baby you have so quickly turned into a giggly snuggly fun loving toddler.
When we found out we were having a boy, people always told me “oh boy, you are in for it now!”. And yep, they were right. You are one of a kind. Not scared to tackle your sister, not scared of the repercussions after throwing your food or ripping Barbies head off, not scared to jump so hard you chip your tooth, not scared to fall so hard you bust your chin. Not scared to snuggle in close, not scared to give the best kisses and every single night ask for “anofer kiss Mama!”, not scared to say “I weally sorry” without being asked, not scared to give your best friend Gracie a never ending hug, not scared to say “hold you me” a million times a day to squeeze in extra snuggle time, and definitely not scared to hunt big sister down after school or gymnastics and jump up and down in excitement with a monster hug like you haven’t seen her in years. But scared to cross the street without holding Mama’s hand, scared to walk on the train tracks, scared for anyone to walk on the train tracks, scared for big sister to step off the curb, and scared of crowded rooms.
These are the sweet moments I want to remember and hold on to forever and ever. Your heart is so kind, caring, and full of joy…my sweet boy, please never change. Just slow it down a bit, I don’t want four to come as quick as three did.
Happy happy 3rd birthday to the coolest little dude I know. I love you times a million and to the moon and back.

Love always,

Things you love:
playing outside
paw patrol
wrestling with daddy
yogurt smoothie drinks
playing cars and trucks
building with big sister
cheese sticks
brushing your teeth
listening to music
when big sister dresses you up like a princess
hide and seek, especially hiding behind the shower curtain at night

Things you don’t like:
when Mama brushes your teeth
when Payton takes your toys
train tracks
when your room is a mess before bedtime


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Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Happy from these two lovies!


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Let it snow, let is snow, let is snow…

It’s officially snowing again in Snoqualmie. Yay. Not really yay, not a huge fan of snow. Though the kids LOVE it! Thought my little gal and I would sneak out for a few pics while the little dude is sleeping. (Byron is home of course!) We rushed out before the roads got too coated. She had a blast picking out her outfit and demanded “NO coat, it will ruin my beautiful woman outfit!”. 15 minutes wandering around in the snow, a handful of cute pics, and a fun time with my cutie…love it!

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Just another week…

Just another week with these 2 crazy kiddos. Taking pictures of and enjoying our everyday moments. Payton is turning into quite the little fishy, she is turning into a great little swimmer and she absolutely loves it! She is also having the grandest time picking out her own sometimes fancy pants sassy outfits and other times crazy color mismatched but somehow still goes together  ensembles. Miles is pedaling his tricycle, all smiles from that dude. Just an average week in this household, with the addition of a couple little coughs and ear infections. Trying to spend this year looking past the 3am pitter-patters of feet through the hallway with pointy finger jabs to the cheek waking us up (which apparently is only meant for Mama, Daddy always escapes those jabs), and focus on these 2 happy little faces.

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