A Nurse and Dino Halloween

Hope everyone had an amazing Halloween! Ours was both great and not so great…ha! Or as Payton keeps saying…’This was the worse Halloween ever!’. Poor girl…she got sick at school and had to miss out on Halloween. She literally cried putting on her costume while laying on the floor…she made it a few houses before she called it a night. In bed by 6:30, to Urgent Care by 7:30, on antibiotics by 9:00. I hate the word ‘sucks’…but it totally sucked for her, missing something she had been counting down the days to for a whole month.
Miles man and buddies had a blast though! The rain held off and they scooped up lots of candy! Miles even took it upon himself to open a random houses door and help himself to the candy bowl on their stairs. And his response “they didn’t even see me!”. Sigh. No shame in his game.
Hope everyone had an amazing Halloween!

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…and she is 7 !!!

And just like that, in the blink of an eye, my sweet girl is 7 years old! She couldn’t be more excited! Mama and Daddy…not so much. Where has the time gone?! How in the world did this happen?!
Well sweet girl, Happy Birthday to you! May this year be everything your heart desires. May you laugh louder than you ever have, love more than you ever knew you could, and may you stay just as sweet as you have always been.
Even though each year you become a little bit older…that sweet kind heart is unwavering. Keep doing you sweet girl, you are one in a million.
I love you, love you, love you more than you will ever know.
Cheers to another amazing year.

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Good Bye Summer

With Fall here, I wanted to share this one special day. One of my favorite evenings with the kids. We went to a local lavender farm, this kids had such a blast exploring and cutting lavender. They even brought home little lavender satchels to put by their beds when they are sleeping. Payton couldn’t get enough of the smell, Miles couldn’t get enough of the millions of bees that were flying around. So fun to find someplace new to explore. Afterwards we explored a little more and found a local semi-private beach front on the Snoqualmie River. Payton picked a bucket full of blackberries and Miles stripped down and dug in the sand. The almost perfect little evening with these munchkins…the only thing missing was Daddy.DSC01790DSC01802DSC01808DSC01824DSC01828DSC01830DSC01835DSC01839DSC01888DSC01894DSC01898DSC01915DSC01916DSC01925DSC01926DSC01928DSC01931DSC01936DSC01939DSC01954DSC01959DSC01960DSC01963DSC01964DSC01969DSC01970DSC01975DSC01978DSC01981DSC01987DSC01989DSC02020DSC02026DSC02028

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Miles 1st day of Pre-K!

And another one is off to school. Last year of preschool for this little dude. Always in disbelief when the kids start another year of school. I am so excited for him though…he is at a great school with amazing teachers! Payton went through the same program…so I know there are great things in store for him this year! Cheers to your last year little dude…I hope you have a blast in Pre-K!!!

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First day of 1st Grade!

It’s official…summer is over and school has begun. I’m torn. I’m excited for Payton to get back into the swing of things…she loves school, loves the structure, and loves learning…but I’m not quite ready for them to go back yet. Summer went a little too quick! I absolutely know this year will be great and she will do amazing things! Go rock out 1st grade sweet girl!!!

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July Catch Up

I can’t believe July has come and gone. Only a few more weeks until little miss heads into 1st grade. I’m trying to soak in every last second with these crazy exhausting kiddos before they head back to school. I just can’t believe how quick it is all going!

Some of my favorite July moments and pictures:


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Fun in Texas

A couple weeks ago we were back in Texas to visit family and to see one of my oldest dearest bestest friends get married!
Being back reminded me that I never want to move back…it’s too dang hot! Like walking on the sun!
But the kids had a blast visiting all the grandparents, kissing on their baby cousin, and swimming for hours every single day. Miles even got over his fear of the water!! Huge step there!
Some pictures of our Texas fun:

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