Payton Pie is 8 years old!!

Another year past. Crazy talk, craziness, so much crazy. It has gone way too quick. I think also the older they get, the busier they get, and the quicker it feels. That being said…Happy Birthday sweet Payton Pie…I can’t believe you are 8 years old today!!!

This girl. She is one in a million. She is wise beyond her years, she is strong, she is brave, she is caring and sweet. She works so hard on the things she loves, she has drive and passion. I want to be her when I grow up. How many 7 year olds do you know who prioritize 4 hour gymnastics practice 3 times a week, over friends, play dates, riding bikes, swinging at the park, dinner with your family, snuggles on the couch, and so on? Well, I guess I know a lot because they are her teammates, lol…but never in my life would that have been me. At such a young age she has already learned sacrifice and work ethic.

I am just so proud of the sweet girl she is. She is full of laughter and giggles. She loves her brother, her family, and her friends. She loves hard. She is a foodie, she loves any and all food, she is not afraid to try anything. She loves thrills and adventures…she can’t wait to try a “loopty-loop” roller-coaster! As mature as she has to be at times…she is still a kid who loves dolls, pretend play, Barbies, playing house, creating a disco dance studio, coloring, riding bikes, water sprinklers, swimming, the park, Santa, fireworks…I could go on and on.

Payton, I adore every second of watching you grow. I wish it didn’t have to happen so quick, I wish time could slow down a bit, but I hope you know I am loving it all. I love you to the moon and back, times infinity and even more.

Happy Birthday sweet girl. Cheers to another amazing year!

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Headed off to Kindy and 2nd Grade!

It’s official…I have 2 school aged children! Sob sob sob. Payton started last week, she is loving 2nd grade so far. She says there is a lot more “independence” than in 1st grade…ha ha ha because they get to pick when during the day they get to eat the snacks they brought. She was so ready for school to start again!

Miles man started Kindy today. He was pretty excited himself, though once he got to the chaos of school and a zillion kids, he quickly got nervous. Payton was quick to his side though and she will be there to help him each morning until he gets the hang of things. His teacher seems amazing and I have no doubt that he will come home loving it. I’m going to miss my alone time with my little dude though, he even asked if I was going to be lonely without him. Yes, yes I am. Ran to Costco this morning and I sure did miss that dude, he is always on the hunt for “exsamples” to taste! Lol. He loves some Costco samples. Big changes going on for sure.

So proud of these two cuties…

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Our first time raspberry picking!

Well, again, I have fallen way behind! I have so much to post for this summer, so you may have lots of posts coming your way over the next month! #sorrynotsorry

Miss Payton loves herself some blackberries, and every single trail around us has a zillion blackberry bushes. Poor Miles is not a fan. So every time we head out on a walk, Payton gets so excited for a yummy snack along the way…while Miles is less than thrilled lol. Though he does enjoy picking the berries for Mama.

So for the first time ever, we packed up and headed to a Raspberry Farm, because raspberries are one of the few fruits that Miles actually likes! I think we have found a new summer tradition! We met up with our best friends and spent a good hour picking, eating, and sharing plenty of giggles. I’m pretty sure we all ate our weight in raspberries that day! And in case you are wondering, fresh raspberries off the vine are sooooo amazing! The kids were amazed at how much bigger and jucier they are compared to the ones you buy at the grocery store.

We ate them fresh for a couple days at home, but were heading out of town so didn’t have time to make anything yummy with them. Instead we froze them and throw handfuls of them into smoothies!

Maybe next year we will go for Strawberries too!


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Our 4th of July Shenanigans

Well…I suppose it has been a while since I have blogged! I’m kind of stuck, trying to figure out if I should post our family here or just make albums on Facebook. Thoughts? Preferences??! Help!
But anyways…we had an amazing 4th of July. So much fun spent with friends and our very best of friends who we consider family. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite holidays! Just a day of nothing but fun and celebrating!

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Little Dude is 5 Years Old!!

Happiest of Birthdays to my little dude. I can’t believe you are 5! I can’t believe we don’t have any more toddlers running around. I asked you if you would stay little forever and you told me “No way!! I’m going to get bigger and bigger and next year I will be 21! But Mama I will always be your baby.” You always know what sweet words to say to make my Mama heart happy. You even cuddled on into me as you said that. That is one thing you are very good at…loving, caring, hugging, and snuggles. Believe me, you definitely have your “boy moments” but those extra comfy cuddles always make it all better.

A little bit about you…your favorite color is still yellow. Your best friend is Gracie Macie. You love hair cuts and going to the dentist.  You love chicken nuggets, meatballs, and spaghetti. You can’t stand any vegetables and most fruits. You love to drive Payton crazy but you can’t live without her…you would spend every waking second with her if you could. You love to make people laugh, you are a little ham for sure. You are so caring and loving, when people ask you a question about yourself, you almost always ask them the same question back about themselves. You love rain boots, and any clothing that is soft and fuzzy. You have a favorite coat: we call it your rainbow coat…I’m going to be super sad when it doesn’t fit anymore.

You are one amazing kiddo. I am so proud of the little guy you are becoming. May you always be brave, be silly, be your own magic, be present, be full of love, be full of surprises, be full of laughs, be adventurous, be kind, be my baby, be you.

I love you, love you, love you, love you more than you will ever know.
Happy Birthday my little dude.


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Happy Valentines!!

Happy Love day from these 2 cuties!!

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Merry Christmas Y’all!!

Merry Christmas from The Jourdans!! We…well I…ran out of time for Christmas cards this year, so we want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!!

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Yay Santa!

We had a surprise visit to Santa today!! We went in to buy some hot cocoa and surpise…we were greeted to a Santa, free hot cocoa, free cookies, and tons of fun! It as seriously such a fun time…the kids had a blast and were so happy to be with their best friends.
Miles wants: a Power Ranger Super Charged Megazord and lots of DinoTrux
Payton wants: a robot, LOL doll house, LOL dolls, a Barbie Jet, and an American Girl doll beach house
Let’s hope Santa comes through with some of this stuff!

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Fall Catch Up

I’m realizing I never caught up on Fall!! And now its just about over! Who can believe December is tomorrow?!!! So crazy! Fall was so busy here…but packed with lots of good times. Sad to see Fall go…but so fun to see how excited the kids are for December and all of the fun Holiday stuff we have on the calendar!
MASSIVE Fall picture catch up headed your way…

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A Pretty Plaid Christmas

Hey Y’all!
Well as you know…I don’t share a ton of Boutique stuff on our personal page. Maybe I should share more?! What do y’all think?! But anyways…I have to share this collection because it is hands down one of my favorites.
It was immediately a favorite because…the kids are still at an age that they love to match Mama!  And two, it forces me to get in the picture with these cuties, which I may not love now…but know I will be grateful for it 10 years from now when they want nothing to do with me…ha!
So if it takes gorgeous plaid clothing from one of my favorite Small Shop Mamas to do that…then so be it!
I hope yall check it out!
Mom: cardigan, scarf and tunic
Dad and boys: Raglan
Girls: Scarf, dress, tunics, cardigan, and leggings

Releases 11/20 (Tuesday) 10am EST
Free Shipping!
Save with code: Julie10 on $20 or more!
shop here:

Thanks to my trusty tripod for helping me out! Some of the plaid goodies—

And can’t forget these red cardigans!DSC02581DSC02584DSC02590DSC02592


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