First Day of Preschool – 2014

Payton is back in preschool!!  3 days a week this year, still 3.5 hours each day.  She LOVED it last year in the little Bunny class…so hoping she loves it just as much this year in the Monkey class.  Cheers to a happy school year my sweet Payton-pie!  SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC

This little guy also had his first day of music class today!!  =)
photo 2 photo 1


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Time for some more toddler talk!

Lately Payton likes to play with her pretend kitchen a lot.  Usually she pretends we are going to subway and makes us all sandwiches.  So the other day…
Payton: Ok guys, come into my playroom, it’s time to go to Subway, it’s time for dinner.
So we all go in to the playroom.
Payton: Look, I made you dinner!
Me: Oh yeah, what is it?
Payton: Breakfast!

Out of no where….
Payton: Georgia, she is my guy.
Me: She is your best friend?
Payton: Yup, she’s my best guy.

Payton was walking around eating a snack and set her bowl down somewhere…
Payton: Hey Mama, where did I put my snack?
Me: I don’t know where you put it.
Payton continues walking around looking for it and finds it.
Me: So, where did you put your snack?
Payton: Mom!  <sigh> I put it in my mouth!
If she knew the word “duh!” I’m pretty sure that’s what she would have said.  2 going on 12 over here.

Payton was making me and all of her baby dolls cupcakes.  She set a bowl out for Marsha, Gabby, Lucy-Loo, Pheobe, and CeCe.  I assume that one of those bowls with a cupcake in it were mine, so I picked one up and started to pretend eat it…
Payton: Hey!  Hey!  This is for….NOT you!!

Right now she gets the word “because” and “so” mixed up…so we get a lot of this…
Payton: I wear sunscreen today so it’s sunny!
Payton: You make me dinner now so I’m hungry.
Payton: I need my umbrella so it is rainy.

Payton can’t say water guns…so…
Payton: When Daddy gets home from work is he going to play bubble gums with me?!!!



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6 months old!

My oh my, where does the time go?  Half way to a year already!  Some of the stuff our sweet Miles has been up to lately:
–Rockin’ and rollin’.  That’s how he gets everywhere he wants to go.  Rolls and spins in circles.  He wants to crawl SO bad.  He rocks on all fours and manages to go backwards but just can’t quite figure out how to go forward.
–He has finally mastered sitting up, no more instantaneous free fall backwards.
–He has developed a pure hatred of car rides…cries the entire time.
–Still sleeping through the night and takes 2 naps during the day.
–Nursing 5 times during the day.  Tried solids but just not ready yet…can’t keep his tongue in his mouth!  =)
–He takes in everything!  Especially his big sister, he could watch her all day long.  If he is in need of a good laugh she is our go to girl.
–He HATES to be hot.  Grumpy like Mama when it is too hot!
–He loves to read books.  He squeals with delight when I pull them out.  His favorite book is “Zoo Train” from Payton’s Kindermusic class.
–Favorite songs: Twinkle Little Star and 1, 2, Buckle My Shoe.
–He LOVES to pull Payton’s hair…her…not so much!
–He also loves to hammer and bang toys.  How does a tiny baby make so much noise?
–Oh…well I guess he’s not so tiny…28.4 inches (98% height) and 21lb 3.5oz (97% weight)!
Some of our favorite pics from this month:
SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC Iphone Miles 5 months old (68) Iphone Miles 5 months old (63) SONY DSC Iphone Miles 5 months old (61) SONY DSC Iphone Miles 5 months old (64) SONY DSC

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The tale of putting a toddler to bed and a Mama going crazy!

Every single day from 1:20-1:40 I want to pull my hair out.  I hate nap time.  Putting a talking toddler to bed is a nightmare.  It goes a little something like this:
Me: Payton, let’s go potty and get a drink of water.
P: Nope, not right now, I don’t need a go potty.
Me: Ok, well it’s nap time, so let’s go get in bed.
P: No!  I need to go potty and get a drink of water!
Me (laughing, and not in a good way): Ok then, potty and water.
P slumps up the stairs on her bottom one by one, then literally drags her feet on the ground to the bathroom.  Then stands in the bathroom just looking around.
Me: Payton, take off your pull up and get on the potty please.
P: Nooooo…you do it!
I take of her tutu and her very dry pull up, then plop her on the potty.
P: You go downstairs and wait.  Go waaaaaay downstairs far away and wait.  Go Mama.
Me: No Payton, I’ll wait for you here.  One more minute to try.  (Oh and on a side note, she isn’t potty trained, she only has to go potty when it is convenient to delay something, such as nap time.)
Then I pull her off and pick up her pull up.
Me: Ok Payton, put your pull up on.
P: Noooooooo.  I don’t want that pull up, it has pee in it!  I don’t want it, it’s dirty!  Go get me a new diaper.  Not a pull up, I need a baby diaper.
Me: Payton this pull up is clean, you are going to wear it.  You don’t get a drink of water until you put it on.
Finally she puts it on.  I fill up her cup with water.
P: Nooooo!  Bigger!  More water!  (Falls to the ground flailing and screaming.) More water!
Me: I’m going to dump this water out, do you want it or not?
P: (Sits up quickly) Yes Mama, I want it.  (Then sits on the ground taking baby sips, sip by tiny sip by tiny sip.)
Me: One more sip and bedtime.  Put your cup on the counter please.
P: Noooooo…I’m not done!  (I shoot her a glare…she puts it on the counter.)
Me: Ok, into bed now.
She drags her feet as slow as possible.  I finally pick her up and put her in the bed, turn her fan and noise machine on.  Cover her up.
Me: I’ll sing you one song today and scratch your back…Twinkle twinkle little
P: Nooooo!  Sing ABC’s!!
Me: A, B, C, D……
Me: Ok now let me turn your music on and time for bed. (Turns music on and shutting door.)
P: Noooooo Mama (runs to the door) I have to go pee and get some water!
Me: No Payton, we already went pee and had a drink of water.
P: Mama, I have to pee again!  Again!  (Falls on floor flailing about.) Again!  Again!  I have to pee again!
Me: No Payton.  No.  Get in bed or there will be no music for nap time.
P: Again!  Again!  I have to pee!  I need water!
Me: That’s one.
P: I have to give Miles hugs!
Me: That’s two.
P: I have to give Miles hugs and kisses!  But Miiiiiiiiiilleeessssssssssss!
Me: That’s th (and Payton gets in bed before I finish the word three).
P: Scratch my back!  Sing to me!
Me: Payton, we already did that.  I am going to give you kisses and leave, it’s time for night night.
P: (Shakes head back and forth as fast as she can.) Nooooo!  I don’t want kisses!  No kisses!
Me: Ok then sweet pea, no kisses.  I love you lots, night night.  (shuts door)
P: Nooooooooo!  I have to pee!  Mama…I have to peeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
I walk away, she fusses for a while…then 25% of the time takes a nap and 75% of the time plays in her room.  Ahhhhhhh!  Every.Single.Day.  And this is the shortened version!

The result -
Some days we get this:
Payton Olive 2 years old (558)
Most of the days we get this (and clearly she is tired!):
photo 2
And oh how I miss this:
photo 1

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Toddler talk from an almost 3 year old…

Payton olive 2 years old (581)
I put on a fitted tank top…
PJ: Mommy, is there a baby in  your belly?
Me: Umm no dear.
Cue Byron rolling on the floor in laughter.  Cue extra ab work for me.

My little sweetie…
Me: Payton pie, Mommy has a headache.
PJ: Oh no, you don’t feel good?  Can I put a Band-Aid on your head and give you some medicine?  Can I give you hugs and kisses?  Do you need some little snuggles?

Payton turns around quick and runs into a tower fan knocking it over and it falls on the ground.  Payton flails about whining.
Daddy: Payton, the fan was there first, you have to watch where you are going.
PJ: Daddy!  Daddy!  YOU have to move it out of MY way!

PJ: Mama what time is it?
Me: 3:30
PJ: Oh ok.
PJ: What time is it?
Me: Still 3:30.
PJ: Oh ok, I see.
PJ: What time is it?
Me: Stiilllll 3:30.  Still 3:30.
PJ: Ohhhhhhhhhhh ok.  Yeah, I thought so.  That’s what I thought.

Me: Payton, take off those shoes before you trip and fall…they are way too small.
Me: That’s one.
Me: That’s two.
PJ: NOOOO! (Slowly walks down the hallway shaking her head side to side, holding the shoes in her hands, and under her breath says…) Damnit.

This lovely discussion was emailed out by Payton’s summer camp teacher:
“Payton , what are you doing love?”
“Painting Georgie..”
“Why yes you are..  how about we paint the paper instead?”
“No, I like painting Georgie.. “
Her best friend Georgie-bug:

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It’s getting real…

I can’t believe in less than 2 weeks I head back to work.  I was privileged to take 6 months off for maternity leave.  Of course not paid time off, but you take what you get to spend those precious moments with your kids.  This has been an amazing summer…but wait…it gets even better.  Byron waited to take his month off of paternity leave until the summer…he has less than 2 weeks left off before heading back to work as well.  Trying to enjoy it…when will we all ever again have a solid month together…no work, no school, no worries…just the four of us.  Loving spending time with these little faces…
photo 1 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5Payton Olive 2 years old (496)Miles 3 months old (88)Miles 2 Months old (104)

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5 months old!

Our little chubber is now 5 months old.  I feel as if this past month has been full of new and fun developments…Miles has been busy busy busy.  What was he up to this month?
–The day I turned 4 months old I became a full on roller…both ways!  From that point on I sleep on my tummy only!!
–How do I go get that toy I want?  I roll everywhere!  I go in circles!  I find a way.
–I am getting so much better at sitting up…by myself!
–I am a very serious dude.  I’m a no-nonsense kind of guy.  But I do love to laugh at animal noises, peek-a-boo, silly time with Daddy, anything and everything Payton does, and most of all…my handsome self in the mirror!  That dude rocks!
–I’m still sleeping through the night…11-12 hours!
–I nurse 5 times a day…I can’t wait to start solids next month!
–I LOVE blowing raspberries!  Especially at Mama with a full mouth of milk…she loves that!  Hehe.
–I mouth everything, every single thing must go in my mouth.  Everybody loves an open mouth kiss…right?!
–I found my feet this month…they are pretty amazing.  Daddy wishes he were as flexible as I am.
–Nicknames: little dude, little chubber, chubber wubber, Mr. Miles, little Michelin man…baby rolls for days.

Lots of pics of little old me:
photo 1SONY DSC

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